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We've been blessed with so many wonderful conversations that we thought you would like to hear some snippets, and feel free to contribute some of your own! Just send us an email:

Chris writes: I have loaded Snow Leopard and downloaded your newest update. The program works fine with Snow Leopard and the update solved the problem of reading my CD with 15,000+ desings. I'm a happy camper! Sure would like it if you came up with a full editing program. I can't wait to be free of the darned PC!

Bethany writes: WOW.  Just wanted to let you know I LOVE it

Cyndi writes: ...I'm sooo tired of trying to run Windows programs on my Mac...

Barbara writes: Amazing! I will have to let my friends know. I hope to get this in the near future. Thank you for answering my e-mail so quickly.

Robert writes: It's great to find out about your software. I'm an Apple Consultant in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and I have a number of clients who favor Macs, but who must continue to use a PC for embroidery purposes.  My wife, for example,  has a Husqvarna Viking SE, and in spite of having Fusion/Windows XP installed on her iMac, she still must use a sorry Dell computer for her Viking embroidery software, since the Viking dongle isn't recognized on the virtual machine.

Sonia writes: Thank you so much for your help.  I had an idea for you.  Here is a link to one of the best embroidery design sites on the net.  Maybe you could see if they would put you as one of their links.  You guys need to get the message out that there is embroidery help out there for us Mac users. And to think I may have never found you!!!!  Thanks again.

Clara writes: Your response and efforts towards creating this software is VERY much appreciated.

Diana writes: I am very excited to receive this software, I am a MAC user and anything I can do to avoid using a PC is a wonderful thing.

Katherine writes: My machine is the older floppy model. And running version 2.2.  It is new to me and I know I have much to learn.  We have quite a large group of Viking users and many Mac users who have never found a program like yours. My son in law, a Apple employee couldn't believe that someone hadn't done a program and set out on a quest to find you. It was a simple search.  I'll download it and pass the link on to the group.

Alice writes: Thanks for all the information (especially that you're working on a font program!)  I was particularly pleased to see you make beta's available, as I am an old developer and hate to wait for the next official version to come out.  So, it's over to your website now, since I don't cook and I don't do windoze.

Debbie writes: I'm thrilled to see mac software for my sewing/embroidery habit. I'm working with my pc software on my virtual machine now and eagerly await further developments from your company.

Jeanie writes: I'm a Mac user who has longed for an embroidery machine, but have been discouraged b/c of the Mac incompatibility of software. I didn't have the confidence to work through all of the frustration I've read about using Windows on Mac, parallels, etc. Now I have a new granddaughter and would love to learn to do embroidery. I was searching the internet today and read that you've developed a Mac compatible embroidery software! Hooray!

Diana writes: Thank you again I am enjoying using your Convert It software!

Lauren writes: Brian, Thank you for such useful information and positive comments.I appreciate you taking the time to answer all of my questions, your customer service will take you far. I will certainly be in touch when I need Convert It. Take care.

Mike writes: WOW.......... i'm happy to see your product!

Ronna writes: Brian, we are becoming fast friends.

Jane writes: Hi just wondering how the software development is going?!! I love >> covert it and am eagerly waiting for new mac products!

Russell writes: Hi, folks. Just following up on the potential of carrying your product in our shop. The median age of our clientele is right around 30, and right in the heart of the Mac demographic. We carry Brother, Baby Lock, Viking and Singer sewing and embroidery machines, and having a reasonably priced throughway for our Mac customers would be great. Thanks kindly.

Barbara writes: I just found your software via Google.  I have been using an HP and in the process of changing over to a MAC.

Crystal writes: Your forthcoming digitizing program can't come soon enough for us mac users.

Diana writes: Okay, hurry!!!!! I would love to have a bunch of fonts, and refuse to buy Bootcamp.......I'll keep upon the latest on the website.

Monica writes: As a 24 yr Mac user, I'm thrilled to see that Apple has now out valued Microsoft in stock values and has helped dearly in my future retirement funds----but the entire sewing/embroidery world is FAST FAST asleep on this one (until you guys, of course!), so now that you've made this one a success, go get busy...

Lisa writes:I'm ready to send Parallels out the "Window"!

Dianne writes: I have been speaking to iMac helpline at the Trafford Centre UK, and they have pointted me to your apps, MacEmb and ConvertIt, which would be a boon to me if they do what I hope they do. How similar to Embird are they. I use Embird, but I have to use Parallels to reach it and Windows, and it is very fiddly and confusing.

Scott writes: ...I'm an assistant manager for an Apple Store here in Milwaukee. I stumbled over your software as I was searching for embroidery options for the Mac.  I was one of those mac users from the 90's that bought a Pfaff creative 7570, because it had software to run in the old Mac os environment.  Those days a so long gone, but my passion for sewing and embroidery as well as mac are still running strong...It's really great how mac users stick together, no matter what their passion is.

Mary writes: I do not have a PC and do not want to purchase one since we have been Mac users since 1984

Juanita writes: Thank you David.  I did read the install guide, helped.  I have Snow Leopard which I think is OSX 6.  I am on my pc laptop so can't check for sure.  Just got the computer in March this year so think it's latest software.  Have high school graduations this weekend for two grandchildren in different towns so will get it next week and go thru everything and set it up.  Wish me luck...

Roseanne writes:I use artista software on my mac and would like to see the designs in a folder on the mac side as well as the pc side. do you also have a iconizer for the pc side. Portfolo only allows art to be seen in the folder not any other format. (Editor's note: We do now, Roseanne!)

JoAnne writes: I can't wait!!!

Marcia writes: Thank you so much, you have really been a very great help with all my questions!

Ame writes: As an independent designer and always looking to be able to bring the small runs to my clients, I look forward to my next investment. A die hard mac user (since 1993), I have been wanting to move into embroidery, but hate paying for digitizing. I create vector files for all of my client's artwork, but still have to pay $75 for someone to "digitize" my already digital art for embroidery.

Tom writes: Whenever I talk to Brother, Baby Lock, or even Viking I am told that their machines do not support the Apple format and even when I mention your website they don't know anything! Am I reading it correctly that with my Baby Lock embroidery machine, my apple macbook and your software I can read, and utilize embroidery software?  If so, can you tell me why the big guys don't know about your software?  It seems like what you are offering would be vital to their business?!  It seems something is missing from this picture? (Editor's note: you've got it right, Tom)

Kuby writes:I just purchased Convert_it after glowing reviews from Lindee Goodall.

Charity writes: ...Your product looks awesome!

Mary Beth writes: Happy to help!  I am thrilled that there is now a Mac viewer for my embroidery files.  And pleased with your quick response to my issues.

Ida writes:  I hope you keep me on your email list and let me know when you have something. I am very interested in a Mac product!!!

Paula writes: You and I talked on the phone twice. You were very helpful. Thank you so much. I am enjoying my Convert it Mac. I am starting to get the hang of it. THanks again. Can't wait to see what comes down the road.

Lynne writes: Thanks so much...I get it and I found them and they were saved!!!    I really am not as 'dumb' on the computer as I may appear, but the learning curve for me with the new embroidery machine and then the Convert It was a little over the top! I also became a grandma for the first time so I may be a little distracted! Again, thank you so much...I am very happy with the Program and it will really help me with my designs, etc. 

Dana writes: I have a program for monograms that was expensive and works on windows - any help? (Editor's note: coming very soon!)

Jennifer writes: Thank You..Got it and its working great!

Gail writes: I have just purchased a Mac Book and would like to manage my embroideries on it, but would like to try it out before I buy it, can I get the demonstration to Convert it mac, free trial. (Editor's Note: Yes you can! Just go to the downloads screen.)

Sally writes: I have a Mac running Snow Leopard.I have a 3-4 year old Baby Lock Ellagiio embroidery/sewing machine. I have a 3.5" external floppy drive. Will your system allow me to download .pes files from, say, Embroidery Library, load the designs onto a floppy, and actually embroider the designs with my Ellageo? How do I get the free trial? If this works, I will happily buy your software! (Editor's Note: Thanks for the purchase, Sally!)

Deb writes: I look forward to it and will be purchasing 'Convert It' soon!

Michelle writes: I really like the program, I'm a 4D user and it just did not want to work smoothly over in VMFusion. Glad my husband found this for me...

Pat writes: Thank you for the  info, I anxiously await the digitizing sw

Dwight writes: Thank you for your support.

Peg writes: So glad to hear you have Mac software.  Do I understand correctly  that I can view,sort,convert, print and transfer  jef designs to a usb, [formatted to Janome emb. machine 11000] and not have to carry the design to the pc and run thru customizer to get it to work on my machine? (Editor's Note: You got it!)

Jackie writes: I can't tell you how excited I was to stumble across your web site! I am a new mac owner and will never go back to a pc...

Sandy asks: So excited about the new product. Is the download the same as the box set? (Editor's Note: Yes it is, except the hard copy and the disc!)

Marie writes: Thanks so much for your reply.  I purchased the program this morning and was able to install it on both computers.  It looks even better than I expected!  What a convenience to be able to quickly search my folders for designs, and on my Mac.  Hooray!

Donna writes: Your website gave me hope.

Wendy writes: I came across your site today and was excited to find someone who had taken on this monumental task for all us mac users.

Mark writes: I browsed your web site and was excited to find a Mac friendly program. Only down side is the lack of a text feature. If I could take designs, import into the program, add text around the design, and export to my machine type, this would be perfect for someone like me who has 4 Macs in the house and a wife with a multiple sewing machines. (Editor's Note: We're about 99% there)

Arlette writes: Hi, could you please tell if and when stores in Canada will carry this product? Thank you. (Editor's Note: John Deer's Adorable Ideas is Canadian and they carry it.)

Linda writes: Thanks for your quick reply. 10MB is great I'm going to my cart now!!

Rose writes: I'm excited about embroidery software for the MAC.